Bowgene Fluidics, Inc. was established in 2006 to develop, manufacture and sell innovative products and provide services of superior value to our customers in the biopharmaceutical and other process industries. Our ISO 9001 facility is located in Houston, Texas accommodating all aspects related to the manufacture of our products from the basic inventorying of standard components to the manufacturing of highly sophisticated customized fabrications.

With over a hundred years of combined experience in this field, our staff is committed to providing a level of quality and service efficiency not only to secure a competitive advantage, but to establish a continuing position of leadership. We take the competitive landscape very seriously and are fully
cognizant of the fact that, if we are to be successful,  our products and services must provide an added measure of more than what our clients have become accustomed to receiving.

With this mission as our governing standard and ISO 9001 and ASME BPE as our standard for quality, we welcome the opportunity to service your requirements and allow us to prove ourselves.

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